listen to kevin federline doing popozao

listen to kevin federline doing popozao
January 1, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh please don’t let this super crappy track be a prediction of things to come down the music pike in 2006 – thanks to hollywood rag via ONTD – the kevin federline track aka popozao has been leaked (or spilt?) onto the internet – actually i think it was due to drop today…i am not surprised it got out for free – since i don’t see anybody purchasing it…BUT what i really wanted to know after i heard this horrible shit song was – did he play it for britney? what did she think? did she really laugh out loud? she must have! i don’t see how she could endorse it or say anything good on its behalf – plus don’t forget this track is just one slice of crap from the album he will be putting out – i say we heard plenty already – please no more kfed music! and i wonder when we can expect a new track from mamma brit herself…i so can’t wait to see what 2006 has in store for us on the spederline front…popbytes out for now! xxoo

» listen to kevin federline’s popozao (.mp3 7.6mb)