Listen to Jamie Lynn Spears’ Debut Single!

Listen to Jamie Lynn Spears’ Debut Single!
November 25, 2013 TEAM POPBYTES

Jamie Lynn Spears "How Could I Want More"

Not to be outdone by the upcoming release of her big sis Britney Spears‘ eighth studio album Britney Jean (which you can now stream for free on iTunes – *Insert girlish squeals of excitement here!*), Jamie Lynn Spears has released the first single, “How Could I Want More,” from her debut album.

With its understated production, thoughtful lyrics, and strong vocals featuring the famous Spears sisters’ twang, “How Could I Want More,” is far from the dance-pop anthems her sister Britney has released in recent years. Overall, I think it’s a solid debut that sets herself apart from her legendary older sister. Is Jamie Lynn set to be the next Taylor Swift? That remains to be seen.

However, if there’s one thing to remember, it’s that no one does a comeback quite like a Spears …