lisa marie presley on oprah!

lisa marie presley on oprah!
March 27, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everybody! are we having fun on easter? anyways – had to point this goody out – tomorrow on oprah – it’s a new interview with one of my favorite people of all time lisa marie presley – don’t ask me why – but there is just something about her that i just love – i would so love to hang out with her – she seems like the ultimate cool chick – and then tuesday it gets better when mom priscilla joins daughter and oprah – gosh i also love priscilla – she still looks smashing! i love ’em both and from the commercials – this looks like one two-part interview not to be missed!

and if anyone by chance is reading this from ‘HARPO studios and or/oprah’ – my wildest dream is to come on oprah and tell her all about popbytes! oprah so needs to tell her audience all about blogs! i swear my wildest dream is to just be on the oprah winfrey show – she is my favorite person! i keep my eye out everyday for the lovely gail king and the ‘wildest dreams bus’ – come on! i would be a hoot on oprah! give me a chance on some red carpet premiere as a reporter for the oprah show :) much love always – popbytes out for now…

For the first time on The Oprah Winfrey Show…Lisa Marie Presley on marriage, men and motherhood. Everything you really want to know.

and then as a super special bonus on tuesday…

An exclusive: the Presley women. Their first television interview together – Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla.