Lindsay Lohan won’t be on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Lindsay Lohan won’t be on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’
December 6, 2011 JEREMY FEIST
Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday, rumors circulated that Lindsay Lohan finally had the opportunity to actually work for a change, instead of just stumbling around Hollywood hoping that some powerful Hollywood executive just woke up from a coma they slipped into back in 2004. Except according to a statement from Lindsay’s reps, it looks like Lindsay won’t be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, and then even makes it sound like it was all Lindsay’s choice and that reality TV is below Lindsay. E! Online reports:

Reports have surfaced today saying the former Mean Girls star is in negotiations to come aboard the U.K. reality show in an attempt to relaunch her career after her latest stint in jail. E! News has looked into it and can definitely say the answer is … so false!

“Lindsay is not doing Big Brother,” Lohan’s rep tells E! News. So, there you have it. In fact, Lohan couldn’t have joined the show even if she wanted to, anyway: In addition to the community service and psychotherapy sessions the court ordered her to attend, she also isn’t allowed to leave California without her probation officer’s approval.

Yeah, I’m sure it was all Lindsay’s idea not to appear on the show. Are you kidding? Dina Lohan probably heard the news and immediately ran to Fedex to try and figure out the smallest box she could use to ship her daughter oversea, all while making a life-size Lindsay Lohan doll to trick the courts into thinking she was actually in L.A. all along.

Judge: Dina, for the last time, that’s not Lindsay.
Dina: Of course she is! If she weren’t Lindsay, then how could she snort all this delicious coke in my nose?
Judge: … It’s a good thing our legal system sucks, otherwise we would actually have to hold you accountable for this.

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