Lindsay Lohan’s unpaid hotel bill drama carries on

Lindsay Lohan’s unpaid hotel bill drama carries on
August 31, 2012 JEREMY FEIST
Lindsay Lohan

In a move that I’m almost entirely positive was taught to her by her mother, Dina Lohan, when she was but a wee child helping her mother lift forties out of a 7/11, Lindsay Lohan has once again shifted the blame in yet another public scandal. On Wednesday, Lindsay was banned from Chateau Marmont because she couldn’t be bothered to actually pay for anything, so instead she tried to blame it on the producers of Liz and Dick, who she claimed promised to foot the bill. Except it turns out that never happened at all. TMZ reports …

TMZ broke the story, Lindsay racked up a hotel bill approaching $47,000 but stiffed the Chateau Marmont. As a result, Lindsay was banned from the hotel property. Lindsay now says she thought her Liz and Dick producers would pay the bill, but sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ … the production NEVER promised to foot the bill. Sources connected to Lindsay tell us … producers did give Lindsay a one-time only, $5,000 advance against her salary in late May so she could move into the hotel, but that was it. There was never even an insinuation the production company would pay her hotel bill.

You know, I’ve joked about this before, but I honestly think that Lindsay fully believes that she doesn’t have to pay for anything because she’s Lindsay Lohan. Remember that time she screamed at someone to move a traffic cone for her because she’s LiLo? Yeah, that happened. Don’t even try and tell me the following scenario won’t happen eventually:

Salesperson: All right ma’am, that will be $6,829 please.
Lindsay: Here you go!
Salesperson: … This is a napkin with “I’m Lindsay Lohan” written on it.
Lindsay: Keep the change!
Salesperson: Why does this napkin smell like gin and smoke?

Lindsay Lohan