Lindsay Lohan to Mark Heller: Oh my God, I’ll kill you!

Lindsay Lohan to Mark Heller: Oh my God, I’ll kill you!
March 18, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Lindsay Lohan

Earlier today, Lindsay Lohan dodged jail and got 90 days of rehab instead because that worked out so well the last time she went. But what you probably didn’t catch was the whispered exchange between Lindsay and her lawyer, Mark Heller, while in court. According to TMZ, at one point you can hear Lindsay (who in no way looks completely hungover after St. Patrick’s Day … not at all) tell Mark to shut up and stop talking, and when he eventually does you can just hear her mutter “oh my God, I’ll kill you.” Amazingly, I think we’ve found someone even dumber than Lindsay. And we can all look forward to when the two of them are in court again in a few months. Who wants to start taking bets on this one? I’ve got ten-to-one odds on Lindsay crashing her car into a pediatrician’s office.

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