Lindsay Lohan switched up her rehab plans

Lindsay Lohan switched up her rehab plans
May 2, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Lindsay Lohan

Over the past few days, reports that Lindsay Lohan was planning on bailing from her court-appointed rehab because they wouldn’t let her smoke have been making the rounds, but we kinda just wrote them off because let’s face it, no one could possibly be that stupid, right? Except Lindsay totally is that stupid. This morning, Lindsay got on a plane and fled to California so that she could go to an easier rehab facility. TMZ reports …

But as we reported earlier, Lindsay was freaked out because Seafield won’t allow her to smoke. We’re told she may be headed for Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, CA … which does allow smoking. Problem is …. prosecutors did NOT sign off on Morningside. What’s more … we’ve learned NO ONE from Lindsay’s camp has contacted either the L.A. City Attorney or the Santa Monica City Attorney to get the change of plans approved. In short … by not entering Seafield … Lindsay has violated her plea deal. Lindsay’s lawyers are in court tomorrow along with prosecutors, where her attorneys are required to show proof of enrollment in Seafield. It’s a good bet the judge is going to be pissed, and a better bet prosecutors will be pissed.

In all fairness, this isn’t the absolute worst thing she could have possibly done. She could have burned down the rehab center so she wouldn’t have had to go. She could have overthrown the staff in a bloody coup and installed herself as the ruler. She could have started a nuclear civil war so that she could secretly escape to Columbia. All of these impossible things could have happened, and all Lindsay did was try to flee in the most conspicuous and stupid way possible. When you put it in perspective, it all seems slightly less stupid doesn’t it?

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