Lindsay Lohan parties under the table in Brazil!

Lindsay Lohan parties under the table in Brazil!
March 29, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is going on a big party rage before she heads to ‘lockdown rehab’ (which doesn’t exist) or jail for three months! After allegedly stealing some clothes and jewelry with her now infamous sticky fingers from the set of Anger Management (she claims it will be paid for out of her check), she headed down to Brazil to do some paid promotions (she definitely needs the money) and party her ass off. Check out this new picture below posted on Twitter of LiLo sitting on the floor of some dirty Brazilian nightclub looking like a total sweaty train wreck … and she still claims she doesn’t have a problem. I guess at this point Lindsay should keep telling herself that, maybe she’ll will it to be the truth? I for one think a three-month break is exactly what she needs, perhaps after that’s all said and done, she can move on from being a complete mess before it’s too late … she is turning 27 this summer, we all know the dangers surrounding that age. Be careful girl, you in danger!

Lindsay Lohan

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