Lindsay Lohan: Left off the ‘Scary Movie 5’ poster!

Lindsay Lohan: Left off the ‘Scary Movie 5’ poster!
March 16, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Scary Movie 5

Above is the just released poster for Scary Movie 5, due out on April 12th. It does feature Charlie Sheen but it looks like Lindsay Lohan was totally cut from the poster, which sucks for her since this is practically the only thing she has in the works career wise except The Canyons (that film has its own troubles as well). Yes, she does have a small cameo appearance in the film, but I am a bit surprised she wasn’t included sitting next to Charlie in the artwork. Yet not being included in the poster is probably the last thing on Lindsay’s freckled mind since she’s due back in court (AGAIN) on Monday morning, and it sounds like she might seriously be facing months of jail time after turning down numerous sweet plea deals (home arrest sounds totally fine to me) and hiring Mark Heller, a totally incompetent lawyer. Girlfriend just keeps on bringing the dumbass moves, I wonder if she’ll ever be able to finally get her act together? We do poke a lot of fun at LiLo here on PopBytes yet we genuinely would like to see Lindsay straighten up her messy act before it’s too late. (Tick Tock, Tick Tock)

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