lindsay’s trying to replace jail with rehab …

lindsay’s trying to replace jail with rehab …
July 15, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

In attempt to save Lindsay Lohan from going to the big house, her new lawyer Robert Shapiro (the guy who managed to get OJ ‘I didn’t do it but here’s how I would have’ Simpson out of jail) has finally done what so many have tried but so few have accomplished: he’s chucked her freckled ass into rehab. (His rehab, mind you, but let’s not split hairs.)

Lindsay Lohan checked into a sober house Wednesday night, x17.com reports. Her mom, sister and ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson visited her later in the day and her assistant Eleanor was seen unloading bags of art supplies from a car at the facility. Watch the video below.

The rehab facility, Pickford Lofts, was started by OJ Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro after his son died of a drug overdose in 2005. Lindsay has hired Shapiro to represent her, TMZ reports, and they hope that her jail sentence will be reduced or eliminated now that she has entered rehab.

Lindsay is supposed to turn herself in Tuesday to begin her jail time. She was originally sentenced to 90 days of rehab after 90 days in jail. SOURCE

Yeah, this is going to work out so well. Just like those AA courses Lindsay was supposed to go to. It’s still a hell of a lot better than her previous strategy for staying out of prison: blaming other people, then hiding her face in her hands and pretending she’s invisible. ‘If I can’t see you, you can’t see me … invisible people don’t go to jail!’