Lindsay Lohan’s OWN show isn’t getting a second season

Lindsay Lohan’s OWN show isn’t getting a second season
April 17, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Oprah Winfrey and Lindsay Lohan

I almost feel bad for Lindsay Lohan. Almost. Because I’m sure when Oprah Winfrey first approached her about doing a reality TV show / docu-series, Lindsay probably thought that this was going to be her chance to show everyone what a professional she is. Except she just ended up showing everyone that she can’t even be bothered to show up or behave herself on the set of her life, and if anything it just kind of proved that hiring her is like throwing bags of money into a wood chipper. Anyway, there is some good news for everyone involved: It’s ending. The show is ending and won’t be picked up for a second season, according to Page Six

Although it was originally commissioned for a single run, Lohan, 27, was supposedly given options for follow-up programming based on the show’s success. But due to the recent dip in ratings — the April 9 episode which aired from 10 to 11 p.m. averaged a mere 390,000 viewers, down from 603,000 viewers the week before — no new episodes will be ordered.

“Oprah will tell Lindsay later this month that her show won’t be reappearing in the future,” a source told the Mail. “First and foremost, the ratings were an absolute disaster. It didn’t pull in the viewers that Oprah had hoped for.”

“OWN saw the Lindsay show as a possible long term hit series. And Oprah was hoping that it would chart her time from coming out of rehab to making it back into the A-list movie ranks,” the source added.

This is probably for the best for Lindsay. Honestly, all it did was make her look unprofessional, irrational and a bit unpleasant to be around. I’d say that she at least had a decent paycheck, except apparently she managed to burn through that one pretty fast so I don’t even think that worked for her. For all the good it did her, she might as well have run through traffic wearing a sandwich board that said “I have no idea what I’m doing!”

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