Lindsay Lohan is being extorted for her stolen laptop?

Lindsay Lohan is being extorted for her stolen laptop?
January 9, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Lindsay Lohan

So you know how yesterday everyone found out that Lindsay Lohan‘s laptop full of nude pics and celebrity correspondence was stolen from an airport in China? Well, it gets worse. Turns out, the tweet sent out from Lindsay’s Twitter account after the laptop was stolen was apparently not sent by her, but by the thieves who were able to hack into her Twitter. RadarOnline reports…

“It’s an extortion plot, plain and simple,” a source close to the troubled actress told Radar. “They were able to access her computer immediately.” The insider added that the thieves have since made contact with Lohan, 27, DEMANDING money in exchange for the safe return of the laptop, which is said to contain naked pictures and private correspondence from famous pals, including Woody Allen and Lady Gaga. Lohan’s frantic team has been desperately trying to “wipe the computer remotely, but they have not had any luck … yet.”

So this is just going to get continuously worse before it could ever hope to get better huh? Well, I guess if it’s any consolation, we’ve kind of already seen everything that there is to see on Lindsay’s body, and there’s really not much she could have said in her past that would surprise anyone. I guess what I’m saying here is that it’s really a lateral move at this point. She’s got nothing to worry about.


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