Lindsay Lohan is already acting like LiLo at her new gig!

Lindsay Lohan is already acting like LiLo at her new gig!
July 9, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Lindsay Lohan

All right, you know the drill: Lindsay Lohan has a reputation as an unprofessional conflict queen she needs to shake. She gets a second chance she may or may not deserve. She immediately reverts to her form as an unprofessional conflict queen. Lather rinse repeat. Anyway, let’s get to the latest instance of this happening, and then we’ll start theorizing as to why exactly this keeps happening. The story, via RadarOnline

As RadarOnline exclusively reported last month, the troubled actress is attempting to re-launch her stifled career across the pond, but according to the new issue of Star, the 28-year-old is already behaving badly on the set of her new theater gig, David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow. Sources tell the magazine that an off-the-wagon Lohan has been clubbing all night, then arriving to rehearsals late and unprepared, and sometimes not showing up at all. “The cast is already really annoyed,” an insider says. “The director told her that, basically, it’s a one-strike deal; if she misses one more practice or comes in late again, she’s done.”

And of course, it goes on about how she’s been seen partying her face off into the wee hours of the morning and all that, but here’s the thing: Do you know why this keeps happening? Because this is exactly what they need Lindsay to do. Seriously, you think they couldn’t replace with an actress who wanted it more, and who could actually remember her lines or her call-date? Of course they can! But a play or a movie or a TV show won’t get a write-up for having competent actors who behave well with each other. But a professional trainwreck barging through the set with the grace and elegance of a riding lawnmower? Cha-ching!

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