Lindsay Lohan denies drinking through an interview

Lindsay Lohan denies drinking through an interview
April 22, 2014 JEREMY FEIST


Don’t you just hate it when you have two conflicting stories and no real concrete evidence either way? Like this piece about Lindsay Lohan denying that she was drinking during an interview with Kode magazine. On one hand, we have Lindsay claiming the whole thing was conducted via email. On the other hand, she’s LiLo. Honestly, I’m kinda torn on this one. Via E! Online

“Lindsay never spoke to any journalist at Kode. The interview was completed via email,” Lohan’s rep exclusively told E! News Monday. “We have no comprehension on why a journalist would fabricate this content and distribute it in such an irresponsible way.”

But the crew at Kode begs to differ.

“I have sworn testimonies that it took place that back up everything,” he says. Executive editor Jacob Simon adds, “Yes, the interview took place and everything stated in the article is fact and came directly from Lohan herself. And we have photos chronicling the writer and Lindsay’s numerous times together.”

See what I mean? It’s hard to believe that Lindsay would be that dumb that she would drink in front of a member of the press when she’s trying to convince them she’s sober and on the straight and narrow. But then, it’s Lindsay. One time, my dog ate a roll of tinfoil because she got bored, and she still has better decision-making processes than LiLo, because at least she ended up with glittery poop.

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