Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 27th birthday in rehab with Shawn Holley and ice cream cake

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 27th birthday in rehab with Shawn Holley and ice cream cake
July 4, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is still in rehab, which is a pleasant surprise since in her less-intelligent days, LiLo would have punched a rehab worker by now. But this is the new Lindsay, the one that’s actually trying to get her life on track and no, I said that without any trace of irony. I am legitimately impressed by how she’s putting her nose to the grindstone on this one. Hell, she’s so committed that she actually celebrated her birthday in rehab with her lawyer Shawn Holley and an ice cream cake from Carvel. Yes, apparently she and CookiePuss are cool now. TMZ reports …

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ … Cliffside — where she’s currently in rehab — denied the actress’ request to have friends visit on her day of birth (i.e. today). Visiting days are only on Sundays … rules are rules. We’re told LiLo’s plan B was asking if she could leave the facility to get dinner with friends (with the DA’s permission of course). Again she was shot down. But all hope was not lost … certain people can visit patients outside of visiting hours, like lawyers. And we’re told Shawn is headed to the Malibu rehab joint to hang out with LiLo while she sulks over b-day #27.

Yeah, I can understand why she wouldn’t be too happy about that, but at least she accepted it and made it work. Hell, I wouldn’t be too surprised if she was happy to see Shawn …

Lindsay: Well, here’s to not joining the 27 Club.
Shawn: Don’t worry, just play it smart and you’ll be fi-
Dina: (*Smashes through a wall*) Who wants to soak some tampons in vodka?
Shawn: You wanna do the honors?
Lindsay: Way ahead of ya. (*Pushes button, catapulting Dina into the distance*)

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