lily allen is preggers!

lily allen is preggers!
August 5, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Okay, honesty alert here: I adore Lily Allen. Love even. Mostly because she’s adorable and tiny and crazy but not crazy in the bad way and she refuses to wear pants but not in a slutty way (*cough*TaylorMomsen*cough*). Anyway, Lily Allen has announced that she’s pregnant, and right now, the idea of an even tinier Lily Allen just warms the blackened, frozen cockles of my heart.

Lily Allen has a new reason to smile: She is expecting a baby. In a statement, the singer and boyfriend Sam Cooper say they are “very happy to confirm that Lily is expecting their first child.” Allen told The Sun newspaper that she was three months pregnant and “absolutely delighted.” SOURCE

I know normally this is where I throw in a snarky, backhanded, sarcastic comment, but I just can’t do it. Mostly because I adore her, but also because she had a miscarriage a couple years ago and it would take a special kind of asshole to joke about that. Like, Paris Hilton levels of asshole-ishness. Hey, what do you know? I managed to slip one in after all. Go me. Anyway, congrats to Lily!