lily allen in elle magazine!

hey hey! below we’ve got lily allen in the new issue of elle magazine (out in NYC & LA tomorrow june 12th) i do love ms. allen but lately she’s been annoying me by portraying herself as a big cry baby! i went way nuts over her album alright, still but i’ve actually had my fill of it and haven’t listened to it recently but when i saw her adorable pics below – i got all soft & mushy over her (the shots of her by hotel chelsea are gorgeous) yet she annoyed me again with her dumbass quote – she totally could’ve picked a better person to compare herself too! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

on her rapid rise to fame: i went to a club the other night, teddy’s in los angeles, and i got led straight to the vip table, which has never happened before. i felt like lindsay lohan. (ugh!)


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  • Anonymous

    OMFG!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • jo

    Ah… first comment here, but i had to come out of my cave to defend miss lily.
    i do believe you are missing her scathing British sarcasm here. She was booted off a table by Lilo when she showed with her entourage at some club. I’m sure if you poke around you can find the quote.
    I think her comment was a brilliant little bit of cheek.
    hats of to her.

  • stacy

    Great pics! Don’t see why she’s bitching about not being as skinny and pretty as Amy Winehouse. I’d rather look like this than like an anorexic homeless person.

  • Derek

    I like how they photoshopped the ugly out of her teeth.

  • lola daisy

    I love her too, just a little less after she didnt show for the festival I bought tickets for just to see her…

  • Lindsay

    Austin HATES Lily

  • http://myrna Anonymous

    se ve muy bonita y me encanta se forma de ser so nunca cambies!! se te quiere aki en hermosillo. sonora Mexico.!

  • bosco

    i’m annoyed at you for being annoyed at her. she is FANTASTIC.
    it was sarcasm about lohan, i read the same article about her being annoyed for being kicked off a table for her.
    musical genius she is, pretty, and a great voice. she’s honest, vulnerable and funny…what more do you want??

  • MK

    ok i admit i did miss the sarcasm – and i apologize for that – i do love lily – and i’ve posted on her a number of times – she’s awesome but she had made some annoying crybaby statements – i just want her to get over it and do her thing – she is supremely talented!

  • middle class rich kid acting street

    the east end phrase
    you cant polish a turd
    always comes to mind when I see photo shoots of this fat, talentless toad

  • Angel

    I LOVED LILY and played her album alllll through last summer.
    She needs to seriously shut her fucking mouth though because all it does is get her in trouble. I’m only one person and I won’t go see her because allo she does is whine and trash people. Her myspace blog is rediculous. My mummy and daddy have so much money, and boo hoo I’m shittier then Amy winehouse..
    Accept that Amy has more talent in one pinkie. If amy used herself to her full potential she’d be president of the world. WHY conpare yourself to that.
    Lilly makes good music, and I do love her.. but.. a piece of humble pie would suit her well!

  • Hayley

    Why Do Jealous Little Cunts Always Call Lily Fat ? There’s Nothing Fat About Her And It Just Shows How The Media Has Fucked Up Everyone’s Head To Make Us All Think We Should Be Size Zero Clones With Bleach Blonde Hair And Eat A Carrot For Dinner. Get A Life And Respect Lily For Being Such A Down To Earth And “REAL” Celebrity.


    she looks amazing
    i love her songs and her personal way and a lot of brazilians too ;)
    ela está maravilhosa
    eu amo as musicas dela e o seu jeito pessoal de ser
    e um montão de brasileiros também :)

  • Cresencia

    So gorgeous..
    I’d rather see her as a brunette then her new found blonde bombshell look.
    But its still great..the blonde you know.
    But these pictures have great taste in capturing a moment. And Lily did quite well portraying that moment..
    Mad kudos Lily and Elle for a great issue..
    woot woot.