lil kim’s last day!

lil kim’s last day!
September 23, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my gosh! i just listened to an advance copy of lil’ kim‘s pre-slammer album the naked truth – and wow she sure is the queen motherfuckin’ bee – hot damn i love this cd – i am so gonna send some popbytes love to her while she is in jail (1 year + 1 day) – i really think this experience can only enrich kim – and in the end – i think her rhymes & raps can only benefit from a little ‘hardcore’ experience – gosh i love her – so i decided to offer up the last track to the album last day below in .mp3 format – it is amazing – and be sure to check out the naked truth when it hits stores this tuesday – and a note to our dear lil’ kim – girl we love you – be strong – we are all pulling for you – and when you get out you need to release an album entitled jail bee – you rock – and here at popbytes – we so love ya – so rap on – and i’ll have my pop eye on you…

» listen to lil’ kim last day (.mp3 14.1mb)