lil’ kim sez shut up bitch!

lil’ kim sez shut up bitch!

heck and i was all worried and fretful about our dear lil’ kim – but after hearing her brand new single shut up bitch (download it below while you can – i hope i don’t get a cease and desist – i’m just helping the little lady out…) – and yes our dear queen bee of rap may be off to the slammer – but she is a tough cookie and will be fine – and maybe being a ‘jail bird’ will lend some new inspiration to hear dope rhymes – gosh i love lil kim – she is one fierce piece of something! so listen to her ‘screw off & fuck you all’ anthem below – i love it – i keep going around saying ‘shut up bitch’ – i think perhaps it may be my new catch phrase – it would work oh so well with a bunch of pricks that i have to deal with and i’m sure you all know someone it would work well on too…so carry on, carry on my little queen bee – we are all pulling for you! popbytes out for now – and oh yeah the song below probably shouldn’t be played loud in an office setting…

sample lyrics

Everybody talkin’, all these haters hawkin’

Paparazzi stalkin’ takin’ pictures while I’m walkin’

Damn can’t a bitch breathe, gimmie room please

I’m in the paper e’ry day if I piss or sneeze

I used to ride in a rental Lebaron

Now you can catch me in the SLR Mercedes McLaren

Gotta put the doors up, haters pick ya jaws up

I’m in the Trump International, 30 floors up

You ain’t payin’ my bills, so you ain’t sayin’ nothin’

Ain’t keepin’ it real then you need to stop frontin’

You say you got this but we don’t see nothin’

And people if you feel me get this whole shit jumpin’

Used to talk about the way I wore my clothes

Now every chick look like Lil’ Kim in they videos

Now don’t come around here with that Wendy Williams shit

Get yo facts straight or shut up bitch

» download shut up bitch (.mp3 6.3mb)

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