Lil Za got arrested again while under arrest. Genius.

Lil Za got arrested again while under arrest. Genius.
January 15, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Lil Za

So it’s pretty much safe to assume that <strong>Lil Za has become the designated fall guy for Justin Bieber‘s latest marvelous f**k-up of causing $20,000 in property damage. Yesterday, Lil Za was arrested for possession of drugs, and was arrested a second time — IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS FIRST ARREST —  after he smashed a phone. Or in terms the internet can better understand, yo dawg! I heard you like taking the fall, so we put a felony in your felony so you can get arrested while you get arrested! TMZ explains this genius legal strategy …

Sources tell us Za was minutes from posting bail and getting released from custody after getting busted for drug possession at Bieber’s house this morning — and then for some reason he flipped out and smashed a phone in the jailhouse. We’re told Za was almost immediately re-booked for vandalism. Best of all, depending on the value of the phone … this could also be a felony — to go along with his felony drug bust.

Let it never be said that Justin doesn’t have one of the best entourages in pop music. I mean really, who else could have police raid their house to investigate a felony, only to have the heat taken off by a friend who was dumb enough to be carrying cocaine AND smash police property? Man, that is one dedicated cluster of sycophantic yes-men.

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