life & death of peter sellers

life & death of peter sellers
December 5, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

he mastered many characters, but the one character he couldn’t master – was himself.

oh this looks like a hot new movie from HBO films – starring geoffrey rush, charlize theron, and john lithgow – im sure this is to be another fine entry from the hottest cable channel around! (the first season of carnivàle comes out tuesday!) on a personal note – popbytes is thankful to be back in los angeles and im now settling in & resting up after a great but long stint on the east coast! but the bad weather followed me home and its raining in hollywood! its good i guess since we can always use the extra moisture – but i wanted to come back to bright LA sunshine – oh well into each pop life a little rain must fall – look out tomorrow for a big ‘moanday update’ – there is so much to fill you all in on! but please do check out the life and death of peter sellers tonight on HBO at 9