let’s face it – idol blows!

let’s face it – idol blows!
April 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

seriously they have to be kidding us this year! does anyone else agree with me that this season of american idol just plain sucks balls! every year i have a few faves and this year they have been so hard to come by – i guess i like chris daughtry the best but i am still not crazy for him – just give us someone we can be crazy for like jennifer hudson from season #3…of course i will watch tonight but the thought of these kids butchering QUEEN songs certainly is not spurring me on – we all know someone will make a pathetic attempt at ‘bohemian rhapsody’ – just please don’t let it be ace young – that would be so unbearable! he is kinda cute but so damn cheesy! just give us a break ace – drops of jupiter in yr ass!

overall i just can’t express how disappointing this season really is and so then i try to look forward to future seasons coming down the road – i almost can’t bear it! if idol is sucking this hardcore now – what will next year be like?!? i never thought i would say it but i’m just sick of idol – maybe someone will step up to the plate tonight but don’t count on it…i am just ‘thankful’ that after all of these five seasons of idol madness – we still have our queen kelly clarkson – i was never really crazy about her back in the day but now i think she is just awesome – churning out hit after hit – i still love ‘since you been gone’ – i predict she has a very long career ahead of her unlike some other ‘idol’ people we know…popbytes over & out for now – check you all laters – xxoo!