One thing on this Star cover is for certain …

One thing on this Star cover is for certain …
October 30, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

LeAnn Rimes is a TOTAL PSYCHO! Whether or not the latest cover of Star magazine has any truth to it, where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be a fire. Apparently Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn (who still has me blocked on Twitter) are denying reports there’s any trouble in their marriage, I won’t be surprised at all when they do actually split (and they will, mark my words). Plus even though I don’t have access to their bank account, where the hell did they supposedly get fifty million dollars from? That’s clearly the most untruthful thing on this entire cover, LOL! Oh I bet my girl Brandi Glanville had quite a good laugh over all this drama, as that infamous saying goes … what goes around, comes around! #KARMA

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Marriage Trouble

Four years ago, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes stunned their then-spouses by revealing their affair, but now, a source tells Star that it’s LeAnn who’s about to be blindsided. “They’ve only been married for two and a half years, but she’s been driving him to distraction with her psycho behavior from the moment they first hooked up,” our insider reveals. “It’s been getting continuously worse since they made it official, and Eddie can’t take it anymore; he’s at the end of his rope.” SOURCE

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