latest STAR – why tom won’t marry kat(i)e!

latest STAR – why tom won’t marry kat(i)e!
August 15, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh the tomkat drama continues – below is the latest cover of STAR magazine that will hit newsstands this week – i hope & pray for kat(i)e holmes sake that the wedding is indeed off – she got her wish of being with her one-time teenage heartthrob tom cruise but i don’t think her ‘perfect’ situation is what she expected it to be…more on that sad & dazed ms. holmes later!

forget about that crazy couple for a second – i’m really worried about ms. toothpick aka nicole richie running around the beach at her thinnest weight ever – a mere 82lbs – so not cute! i know she admitted to having weight issues now she just needs to admit she needs help! i really am pulling for nicole and maybe some more tabloid attention will finally make her snap out of the ‘everything is fine’ mode! popbytes over & out for now – check you all laters!