larry & dannielynn move out of anna nicole’s

larry & dannielynn move out of anna nicole’s
October 29, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! oh lordy – i had an awful day today – nothing horrible happened but it was just one of those days – thankfully it’s almost over – i’m vowing that tomorrow will be a better day! anyways this week’s life & style magazine is featuring an interview with larry birkhead – who is now moving out of anna nicole smith‘s home located in LA’s coldwater canyon – along with their daughter dannielynn (since there’s no backyard and wasn’t built with kids in mind) i still can’t believe it’s been almost two years since ms. smith’s sad & untimely death (february ’06) i know some people thought she was a total train wreck but i simply adored her and was extremely upset when she suddenly passed on – oh you guys know me by now – i have a thing for messy, tragic & troubled souls like amy winehouse (who’s still looking totally awful), one-time hollywood madam heidi fleiss and judy garland along with daughter liza minnelli – to name just a few of my gals! below is snippet of larry’s interview with the magazine (which i’m sure got paid for) besides talking about his plans to split his time between california & kentucky and passing on anna’s glamour legacy to his daughter – the good folks over at defamer really just want to know where he got the fabulous pink packing material pictured below! popbytes over & out for tonight…xoxo

L&S: After Anna’s death, what made you decide to bring Dannielynn to Anna’s home?

Larry: There were just tons and tons of memories. Anna’s reality show was taped here, and it’s the place she called home. After she passed, I just couldn’t bear to part with it.

L&S: So why are you selling it now?

Larry: You know, I always said I’d never sell, but the longer we’ve been here, the more I’ve realized it’s not built for children. We live over a canyon, and while the view’s great, there’s no backyard. I’ve bought Dannielynn every toy under the sun, but they can’t replace a yard. She doesn’t have a place to have her friends over to play.

L&S: Do you have any ideas about where you’ll be moving to?

Larry: I’ve already seen one house in the Calabasas area that I really liked. It’s a little farther out in LA than we are now, so it’s less crazy. And there are tons of children in the neighborhood. It seems very kid-friendly.

L&S: So you’ll definitely be staying in Southern California for now?

Larry: We’ll travel back and forth between here and Kentucky, where I’m from. I bought a 10,000-square-foot house in Louisville, near my family. I’ve thought about moving there permanently at some point, when it’s time to find a good school for Dannielynn. That will be on the horizon soon.

L&S: You’ve kept an entire closet of Anna’s clothing, accessories and jewelry. Is that another way of preserving her memory for Dannielynn?

Larry: Yes. Every piece in there has a story. Someday, I hope to show them all to Dannielynn and tell her what event her mom wore them to and what they meant to her – from the casual T-shirts to the fancy dresses. I want her to understand how beautiful and glamorous her mom was.

L&S: Is there any item in particular you’re looking forward to passing on to Dannielynn?

Larry: Anna and I wore necklaces with matching crosses. The one I’m wearing now, Anna was wearing when she passed away. I never take it off. I have the other one that matches it. Someday, I’ll give it to Dannielynn.