Oh, wait, never mind, Lamar Odom isn’t in rehab!

Oh, wait, never mind, Lamar Odom isn’t in rehab!
September 5, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Lamar Odom

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, so remember how earlier today we were talking about how Lamar Odom finally checked himself into rehab and we congratulated him on finally getting help? Well, according to TMZ, it turns out he’s not actually in rehab at all and no one really knows where he is at all. Whoops!

Lamar Odom has NOT checked himself in to rehab … sources connected to the NBAer tell TMZ. There are reports out that Lamar checked himself in … we’ve been making calls for the last day and just got what we’re told is the definitive word … he’s not there. Lamar has gone off the radar with the Kardashian family for the last few days. Khloé — who has made it clear she will end the marriage if he doesn’t get help — has heard nothing from him.

Here’s the thing: I may not like the Kardashian family all that much, but it’s been pretty clear that Khloé Kardashian has been doing everything she can to get Lamar into rehab, and it’s starting to become pretty clear that Lamar is pretty much set on not going. I’m kind of hoping that at some point, something will penetrate that head and get him into rehab before it’s too late.

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