shocking: lady gaga used john lennon’s piano!

shocking: lady gaga used john lennon’s piano!
July 13, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Proving once and for all that people will lose their shit over absolutely anything if you give them a chance, Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon, responded to critics on Twitter after he posted a photo of Lady Gaga using the piano John gave to his wife, Yoko Ono. Hey, I think Lady Gaga is annoying too, but come on, really? It’s a goddamn piano. It’s not like she threw on a gestapo uniform and danced a merry jig on his grave.

Lennon had posted a Twitpic of Gaga sat at the piano in her famously skimpy clothes. A caption said, “With Gaga at mom’s house, she’s belting on the white piano,” to which he received a torrent of negative messages from “uptight” fans.

Several people posted messages of “disappointment” after seeing the “unworthy” famous Lennon piano being used by the Poker Face star, to which Lennon replied, “Pianos are meant to be played. Why is everyone so uptight? What should we do, lock it away in a dusty room? So judgmental …” SOURCE

Yes, how dare Lady Gaga use an instrument the way it was intended! Did you know she once stayed in the same hotel John once stayed at? Blasphemy! The hotel must be boarded up permanently before she taints it! God help whoever uses one of John’s actual songs. I have no doubt these crazy people would happily tie the offenders to a stake and set their asses on fire.