Lady Gaga might go under the sea …

Lady Gaga might go under the sea …
July 13, 2011 JEREMY FEIST
Lady Gaga

Remember how Katy Perry dressed as a mermaid yesterday? Well, now Lady Gaga‘s doing it too.

Lady Gaga is still doing her part to make mermaids the next big thing in mythological creature trends. Though she went with a lo-fi, ’80s-esque video for The Edge of Glory instead of her rumored “fishy” theme, there’s a chance she could go under the sea for a different clip.

“I haven’t been excited about a video like this in a really long time,” she said on a Taiwanese talk show recently, refusing to name the title of the fourth single off of Born This Way.

“The relation of the video to my real life, as well as to my dream of the future, is really what makes it so special,” she said on the show. “Part of what Born This Way is all about is choosing to live halfway between reality and fantasy at all times, and how anyone can do that. So this video really, really challenges that idea and also celebrates it. And it’s very exciting.

“I will also say that Yuyi is in incubation, for anyone who knows what that means,” she added, referring to the name she’s given to her mermaid alter ego that she first unveiled during her performance for France’s Le Grand Journal in June. “Yuyi may just be born in the next video.” SOURCE

Look at my junk, isn’t it neat?
Wondering if it’s a vag or a peen?
Wouldn’t you say I’m the girl,
the girl who has, cock and vageen?

I’ve got cigarette glasses a plenty,
Lobster shoes and rifle tits galore,
You want a bubble dress? I’ve got twenty!
But who cares? No big deal, I want mooooooooooore!

I want to be where the fishes are,
I want shells on my tits and panties made of sea stars,
Maybe bedazzle a- what’s that word again?

I’m annoying on land, but just think I could be,
Even more irritating under the sea,
I’ve run out of plans, so I’ll try my hand,
Under the … seaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Lady Gaga