Lady Gaga Made Camera Glasses

Lady Gaga Made Camera Glasses
January 7, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Remember when Lady Gaga was brought on by Polaroid to be there creative director, despite not really actually knowing anything about cameras? Well, at long last, Lady Gaga has come forth with her first product as creative director: Camera glasses! They’re like sunglasses, except you can take pictures with them or something!

“We’ve done everything that we can to improve the instant camera – make it new, make it feel better in your hand, make it compatible with the digital era.

And GaGa admits she had her fans in mind when working on ideas for Polaroid.

She added: “I wanted to create products that I knew they would love to use – create cameras, a printer and glasses that I knew would work into their lifestyle as music fans, as concert-goers, as wild party kids.” SOURCE

Is anyone else a little surprised it took them this long to invent camera sunglasses? Or that Lady Gaga is responsible for them? This would be like GM inventing the world’s first flying car, and then discovering that it was created by Ke(stupid fucking dollar sign)ha. Seriously, somewhere out there Steve Jobs is kicking himself for having the Poker Face lady beat him to the punch.