Lady Gaga killed Santa!

Lady Gaga killed Santa!
December 17, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Man, today is not a great day for Christmas, is it? Well, just to make sure you’re in a full-on Bahumbug kinda mood, Lady Gaga decided to kill Santa onstage during one of her concerts. Woo! Fight the power! Except oh, wait, it was actually just a Santa doll she stepped on and bit while screaming like an idiot, so I guess this is kinda meaningless after all.

Said Gaga, holding the doll: “Oh look it’s Santa. Well I do like Christmas, but for those of you who are feeling lonely this Christmas … you know, just to keep everyone happy …” She then bit the head off the doll and crushed it beneath her foot, screaming, “I hate the holidays! I’m alone and miserable you f**king dumb bit of joy!” SOURCE

Oh boy, I so cannot wait for the blonde whore on Fox and Friends to get all up-her-own-ass over this. “Can you believe this? I mean, it’s hard enough being a rich member of a majority here in America, but now Lady Gaga is destroying a meaningless trinket of consumption. Well ain’t that just HERPY DERPY DURR THEY TOOK YER JERRRRB!”