Lady Gaga unveils ARTPOP album cover!

Lady Gaga unveils ARTPOP album cover!
October 7, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Lady Gaga just unveiled the album cover for her upcoming album, ARTPOP (due out 11.11.13), designed by American artist Jeff Koons (who Gaga references in “Applause”). Gaga had her little monsters help reveal the album’s artwork by tweeting out the hashtag #iHeartARTPOP. As the tweets came in, the album was revealed piece by piece, on a huge billboard in Times Square, while fans around the world watched on LadyGaga.com. Overall, I think it’s pretty tight (I’ve always loved that Botticelli painting), for sure it’s on the busy side but I have a feeling that’s exactly how this album is going to sound, busy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I’m simply saying I think there will be a lot going on musically, just based on the new material she played at the iTunes Festival last month.

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