Lady Gaga shaded Katy Perry on Twitter

Lady Gaga shaded Katy Perry on Twitter
May 9, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Lady Gaga

People keep saying that Lady Gaga is over or done or blah blah blah whatever. I’m not the biggest fan of Gaga’s, but I doubt she’s over. If anything, I get the feeling like her career has settled into a comfortable niche and she’s just delivering what’s expected of her. Which apparently involves making videos with Real Housewives. That being said, if we’re talking career moves, it might not have been the best idea for her to try and passive-aggressively go after Katy Perry over perceived copying …


As a few other sites have pointed out, Katy has pulled out the green hair as well as a horse puppet thing for her new Prismatic World Tour. Although (A) Gaga doesn’t own the rights to either of those, nor was she the first one to do either, and (B) considering how many times Gaga’s been accused of swagger-jacking other artists, this might not be the hill she wants to die on. And really, who wants to be the one who takes credit for green hair?

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