Kristen Stewart got pranked by the paparazzi

Kristen Stewart got pranked by the paparazzi
July 9, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kristen Stewart

It’s a ridiculously slow news week, and it doesn’t exactly help that Toronto just got hit with a massive rainstorm that threatens to short-out our power grid, which means I have precious little time to post precious little news. So in that respect, here’s Kristen Stewart getting pranked by the paparazzi, and by “pranked,” I mean they just wrote “I <3 Rob” on her dirty ass truck. Oooo, aren’t they clever. Look Kristen, I get that you’re trying to be a real girl with your whole “Secret of Alex Mack realness” look and your affordable pick-up truck, but who are we kidding? You were in four Twilight movies and you’ve earned millions of dollars. You’re not some down-home good girl and you can afford to wash your truck from time to time.

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