Kris Jenner pulled a fast on Kim and Kanye

Kris Jenner pulled a fast on Kim and Kanye
August 15, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kris Jenner

One thing I never really understood about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s post-baby plans was why exactly the hell they moved in with Kris Jenner after the fact. Seriously, it’s not like they’re hurting for money, and it’s not like they couldn’t afford shelling out for a nanny or a comfortable home. Well, it turns out it was all part of an elaborate plan by Kris to trick them into being filmed for another season of Krapping Up With The Krapdashians. RadarOnline reports …

From the moment Kim found out she was pregnant, “Kanye told Kim and Kris that he would absolutely forbid any cameras from EVER being in a house he owned or was renting. This caused major headaches for mother and daughter because Kim’s pregnancy has been a big storyline for the current season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” a family insider told Radar. “Kris suggested that the new parents move into her mansion, because she could control the camera crews. Kanye reluctantly agreed because it’s a temporary situation, and he has made the camera crews extremely uncomfortable with his constant brooding.”

I know I joked in the past about Kris being an evil spider-demon who traps people in her web and sucks the life out of them, but looks like I was completely right. I hate it when my jokes come true. Anyway, the more I hear about Kim and Kanye, the more it sounds like there’s no discernible reason why they should be together at all. Kim wants her reality show and her celebrity, while Kanye is a control-freak who focuses solely on how the public sees him. They want two totally different things, and there’s no reason why the should be toge- Attention. Almost forgot, they both crave attention. That’s right.

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