kiss the bride w/ tori spelling!

kiss the bride w/ tori spelling!
April 15, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! tori spelling is just like her character donna martin to me – totally your annoying friend from back in high school that you genuinely liked (and felt bad for at moments…) but sometimes you would simply have to avoid them at all costs – small doses worked out best! since her 90210 days i’ve always enjoyed all of her little pet projects & acting stints (i loved her in the house of yes and that show so notorious was really fun) tori somehow manages keep herself busy most of the time (she even has a book out) let’s not forget she didn’t get all of her daddy aaron spelling‘s money yet girlfriend seems to work it all out!

i can’t really think of anything bad to say about ms. spelling – she does appear to be a good egg at heart (annoying qualities aside) now tori is all ready to have her second baby plus has a new film coming out called kiss the bride! although i’m usually not super crazy about these niche type films which usually feel sub par and so overly crafted for the demographic at hand (this one is for us gays) yet i did get a couple of chuckles out of the trailer (embedded below) plus the two guys starring alongside ms. spelling (phillip karner & james o’shea) are way cute and tori’s (sometimes sexy) hubby dean mcdermott also has a part! the film hits various theaters around the country starting soon (here’s the schedule)

moving onto an unrelated topic – what did everyone think of american idol tonight?!? i thought david cook totally kicked ass with his rocked out rendition of mariah carey‘s ‘always be my baby’ and i loved jason castro with ‘i don’t wanna cry’ – i voted for them both – hopefully tomorrow night it will finally be kristy lee cook‘s turn to get the boot! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

when matt receives an invitation to high school best friend ryan’s wedding he’s surprised – especially that ryan is marrying a woman! matt plans to rescue his former love from whatever “she-devil” has trapped him into this huge mistake.

on the other hand, ryan’s perky fiancé alex takes quite the liking to matt. is she very cunning, disarmingly ditzy, completely adorable – or all three? as matt tries to rekindle the old flame, ryan is intent on putting out any sparks. ryan dismisses their old romance as just a high school thing, but matt realizes ryan may still be the love of his life. all the while, matt must deal with “his new best friend” alex, the two families, and a hometown he thought he’d left entirely in the past…