kirstie alley weighing in at 240lbs collapsed

kirstie alley weighing in at 240lbs collapsed

oh no! there’s more drama being featured on the cover of the latest national enquirer for one of my favorite people kirstie alley – who hasn’t called jenny craig for months now! apparently she collapsed (while weighing in at a supposed 240lbs) but luckily her pals rushed to her side – girlfriend is going to need to find a way to shave off some pounds – i’d love to see her work again (the last thing i remember her doing was fat actress which was hilarious) she’s a great comedic actress and if she isn’t working simply because of her weight – that’s a total shame! (although her wikipedia entry lists her being in a movie next year called nailed) and i’ve mentioned this a number of times before here on popbytes – you must catch her hidden gem of a performance in woody allen‘s 1997 flick deconstructing harry (oh my word – the best clip from the movie is posted below (the audio is probably not safe for work…) god bless youtube (there’s also a great scene in the same film with judy davis)

in other gossip tidbits we’ve got britney spears begging baby daddy and ex-hubby kevin federline to marry her again – i can’t believe i’m saying this – but it actually sounds like a splendid idea! plus there’s cher getting a head-to-toe makeover costing a whooping $500,000 dollars – i’m dying to go to see her new las vegas show – she’s a total legend – in her own words ‘after the apocalypse there still will be cockroaches and cher’ – staying around after the end of the world apparently doesn’t come cheap!

PS it’s great that dogs now have a place to worship but i certainly don’t have anytime to go to church (never my favorite place – i haven’t been in years – oh strike me down now) and if anybody thinks i’m going to take my three dogs to church (who would just bark their heads off rather than pray) that’s so not going to happen!

PSS i’m still in total shock over the death of tim russert – it’s all so sad – you just never know when it’s your time to pass onto the other side – it’s all about ‘no day but today’