kirstie alley is fat again

hey hey! i’ve also got the latest cover of national enquirer featuring a hefty kirstie alley – which doesn’t surprise me – old habits die hard! i guess jenny craig helped her take off the weight but she isn’t helping to keep it off! i do adore ms. alley – she’s very funny & talented (you must rent deconstructing harry – she’s great in it!) i’d love to see her do more work but i guess some TV executives think she’s too plump for the boob tube! in other news we’ve got nicole richie questioning who the father of her baby is! we all assumed it was joel madden but apparently the paternity is now up in the air – by tossing steve-o, DJ am, and brody jenner into the possible daddy mix! i would make sense that mr. madden is indeed the father but you never know! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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  • Photon_Torpedo

    when was Kirstie a size 6!?
    they’re probably referring to her Cheers days.

  • john

    ok… who is this crazy bitch trying to kid… she never lost the weight… just because she walked her fat ass out on oprah’s stage and stood with her legs crossed doesn’t mean she lost all of that weight… i want to see her stand on a scale… the same scale that she stands on initially… and i want to read the numbers…
    jenny craig should be pissed!!!
    Valerie Bertinelli on the other hand… she looks great…

  • Tara

    Maybe it’s just a bad, unflattering outfit or maybe she did gain some weight. Who cares!!! Stop picking on people just because they aren’t always a size 6. Get a life!

  • Dave Buchanan

    Why do people fall into the trap of thinking that just because something is published on paper that it’s a fact. Whether or not Ms Alley has regained weight in irrelavent. She is the same wonderful actress who we all loved in “Cheers” and many movies. Give her a break and enjoy her for what she is…a beautiful person.

  • Kim

    She is beautiful big or small. Is there really nothing else to concern ourselves with that we have to focus on the differences in others? I think that big people are more attractive than some stick with heels. Get your curves on ladies!!!!

  • JANE


  • Amy

    I love Kristi…… Who cares if she did or didn’t gain a few pounds!!!! Get a new hobby if all you can do is put down someone because she put on a few pounds. I’m sure you all aren’t perfect either!!!!

  • Martin

    i love ms alley regardless of her size. her personality and sense of humor doesn’t change however it’s sad to see that she wants to be thin or of average weight but she hasn’t modified her eating habit and life style. it was just a fad or for attention and temporary.

  • greg

    who cares? don’t u guys have better things to do with your lives than
    worry/write about others people’s weight problems? get a life!!!

  • robert

    Rosie is a BIG FAT PIG!

  • Dave

    Anyone can publish a pre weightloss picture. Of course it makes her look fat. She was fat. All of that has changed.

  • Vince McCarroll

    Slim or Fat, I still remember Kristie on ‘Cheers’. I fell in love with her then and I still think she’s beautiful. Hugs and Kisses to her. She will overcome anything if she wants too.

  • deemacd

    Kirstie put herself in the weight limelight. I don’t think that people would not be so interested if she were not representing a weight loss center. Since she is, naturally people are going to be critical.
    Doesn’t say much for Jenny Craig.

  • Maria

    Leave Kirstie and everyone else who is not a size 5 alone!! That’s the trouble with this society…. too much emphasis on dress size instead of character, intelligence and talent. WISE UP AMERICA!!

  • Steve123

    Forget her fat pic. Why is a member of the L. Ron Hubbard crew wearing a cross around her neck?

  • alice jenkins

    if everyone was a size 3 it would be a very boring world, and you are a very beautifull woman big or small,

  • Anonymous

    Hey…….she’s still beautiful and she can STILL lose the weight. Can’t say that about a lot of people.

  • darryl maye

    I like Kirstie. She is a fine actress. And she looks good with the voluptuous appearance. :)

  • sickofit

    Why is it we never see pics of men that are struggling with their weight ?
    Kirsti and Valerie and vibrant, funny, and beautiful… all of us should be so unfortunate !

  • paula

    obviously not knowing her personally i can only go on what i see on tv and in movies. that being said kirstie alley seems like a wonderful woman with a great personality that i would love to have in my friend base. her weight is’s not about the weight of our bodies but the weight of our character!!!!

  • Mary

    What does it matter she is a damn good actress and she is human just leave the women alone you people need to get a life

  • Marie

    Kistie is like I am. I have a large frame (skeleton) body and a small head. She will always look heavy, no matter how thin she is. Leave her ALONE!

  • KB

    I have been there girl and back again not all of us are a size 2 at birth
    Love ya anyway

  • Jim

    Kirstie Alley is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big or small. I’d bang that!!!!!!!!!

  • Renee

    hello it’s National Enquirer…all the s*it in it is fake come on now. so what if she did or did not gain back her weight. it isn’t a wonder why she had a hard time losing it anyways, that’s what happens when an actress or actor is told to gain it for a certain role. at least she’s eating unlike some of those actress’s who prefer to look more like bones than anything anyways. leave her alone and start reading a normal magazine, one that doesn’t put old pictures up just to make money!

  • jrw

    guess scientology doesn’t help her keep weight off. she got fat after her divorce from parker…

  • sam

    You could never prove to me that she actually lost the 75 lbs to begin with. She always looked very thick to me. I really think the so called 75 lb loss was a huge exaggeration. But if she is happy with herself that is what matters.

  • jlm

    Does anyone know FOR SURE when this picture was taken? I want to give her the benefit of the doubt–you are great, Kirstie, no matter what!

  • Ticked off

    CMON you guys like the enquirer doesnt make stuff up are you freaking kidding me, they could have taken a less than flattering shot and STretched it, Give me a break, when we start looking to the enquirer for real news let me know~



  • BigCupOSTFU

    Being happy with oneself, being “real”, none of that crap applies here. She’s a PAID spokesperson for a product, and if she’s not staying thin, she’s not doing the job she was paid to do. Simple as that. Leave all the Dr Phil crap out of this, ok? She looks like hell and she’s not keeping up with her obligation.

  • Anonymous

    I still think she looks beautiful! Give her a break.

  • shara from the coast

    we all have issues with our weight,but she is agreat actress and is strugging and all people want to do is make fun of her thats messed up,i wish her the best and just because she is gaining it back she can still lose it again… how would you like it having people judging you all the time??

  • nicole

    I am done with these magazines… people are too thin/ too heavy, why do they think stars become anorexic? it’s because of these photos! When kirstie is probably just healthy now… they are forcing her into being a new headline, “Has Kirstie lost too much weight?”

  • Kelly

    I am sick an tired of the Movie World trying to convince someone that they have to be thin to be beautiful. As long as Kristie is happy who cares what size she is. It is time we make the world listen that it is ok not to be 100lbs. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Quit telling people they have to be anorexic to be in.

  • BCT- Denver, CO

    Who cares. Why do people care so much about famous people do.. I’ll bet half of the readers are fat! So get a life and worry about your own waistline… Leave Kristi alone.

  • david and tinamarie

    Kirstie lives next door to our office in Clearwater, Florida and we just saw her the other day. She IS NOT THIS BIG as the picture shows. She is just fine as far as me and my wife are concerned. This picture is total bullshit.

  • sexybod

    Kirstie is a BIG OLE GIRL AGAIN! Shes had some serious weight problems for the past ten years now and it looks like its back again. Ive got an exercise tip for her to lose it for good…its call “push your fat ass away from the table” exercise. I mean we could all be fat… if we didnt have some discipline and self respect for ourselves…and ate anything we wanted at any time. Kirstie should stick with her show “FAT ACTRESS” and not worry about weight problem …no ones gonna hire her for a serious movie or TV show anyway looking like Orka the whale…shes played out!! FAT is out….THIN is in…its a fact of life in the society we live in!

  • Rosa

    I luv Kirstie. I named my oldest daughter after her character on Cheers! She’s a beautiful woman with a great personality.

  • Elissa Powell

    Hey, I think Kirstie is a fine person and a great actress fat or thin. The issue is that she makes it obvious that Jenny Craig works only for as long as you are following their plan. Once you’re on your own again, for whatever reason, you regain the weight. I have watched as Kirstie fulfills the remaining terms of her contract with Jenny Craig, cheering Valerie Bertinelli on, as she grows progressively plumper. Pathetic attempts at concealing her weight gain, such as unnatural posturing, large print fabric designs, empire waists, or sitting in a convertible, are exactly that – pathetic. In the end, Kirstie proves that Jenny Craig and other weight loss plans like it, just plain DON’T WORK.

  • euh

    Americans are the fattest people on earth…. stop kicking yourselves down and start exercising!!!

  • michelle testro

    i think you are just beautiful kirstie, and its your acting that counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MAC

    Kirstie Alley looks very good to me. Apparently some people are a little more pickey than they are justified being. I’m fourty-seven years old. I’m a wieght lifter with a good looking body. I would be proud to go out with Kirstey on my arm. And I’m sure later that night, she would Rock My World. Kirstey… If you see this post. Just keep in mind. There are a lot men in the world who would love to be your pool boy. Let me know if you’re hiring!





  • John Taube

    Hey,the big girls need love too!

  • jaime

    umm what you guys appearently arent getting is that this in the enquirer! everthing they post is meant as a joke!most of the time the stuff they post is fake! mainly this has nothing to do with wether or not shes a good person its the fact that u guys are buying into everything the media posts! dont get me wrong i ahve nothing against kirstie alley but you people are buying into this fake $h!t.

  • Sara

    Bertinelli is going to gain her pounds back too, just you wait! When she’s no longer under contract with JC and she won’t be getting all those free meals any more, she’ll gain it all back, and then some, because she won’t pay for them.

  • alex s

    or maybe it’s an old picture. IT’S THE NATIONAL enquirer for god sakes which published articles about vampire babies. GOSH

  • Papi

    Kirstie Alley is hot! I love her with meat on her bones. I never thought I would want to bang a chick as old as my mother, but I would eat that fur taco

  • Andrea Pelin

    Kirstie is incredibly disciplined, and a highly successful woman! I read this article about her weight loss diet here: and I’m amazed at her success. very few people have the discipline to achieve what she did by losing so much weight. she’s an inspiration for many overweight people, myself included.

  • kiki

    why do they care??
    Who the fuck cares what size anyone is, it is only the person’s business themselves.

  • george keanus

    Broccoli-Haters: Here’s What You’re Missing

  • george keanus

    I like Kirstie

  • Tess

    Kirsty is a fabulous actress and a wonderful person. she isn’t the only one with a weight problem. most north Americans are overweight. why single her out just because she’s a celebrity? it’s not fun always being in the limelight, or fighting the ‘battle of the bulge’. besides, it isn’t one’s weight that matters, it’s what’s on the inside. i guess compassion and understanding come with age and life experiences. to those judgemental twits out there, get a life.

  • zach

    kirsite alley is hot and i like her at a big weight oh the things i’d do to her nice big body breast butt ‘n u can guess the rest one couldn’t even fathom~ and this is coming from a young skinny yet muscular 23 yr. old; just thinking about her being big turns me on~she could check me out at myspace~my names zach dinwiddie