kirstie alley – fired for being too fat!

good evening! tonight i’ve got the latest national enquirer which is featuring kirstie alley once again – this time she has been fired for being too fat – she used to be the spokesperson for jenny craig but you may have noticed recently queen latifah has taken over for ms. alley! i’ve admitted before that i’m a huge fan of kirstie’s work – but you certainly can’t be representing a weight loss solution when you can’t stick to the plan yourself – i don’t want to be mean but it’s the plain truth (i guess scientology doesn’t have a secret weight loss solution – tom cruise needs to get on that!)

besides weight drama – there’s other health issues featured including dr. phil who may be on his way out (maybe britney spears placed a hex on him!) and farrah fawcett who is still battling cancer – i have a sinking feeling she won’t be around too much longer – although she was recently spotted coming back to the US looking healthy after having surgery over in germany – but cancer is so evil – once it starts to spread it seems unstoppable – she’s a little wacky but you must admit ms. fawcett is an american icon – please send her good vibes & prayers! (and now farrah has more drama to deal with – her 23 year old son redmond o’neal was busted earlier today for DUI and drug possession for the second time!)

last but not least there’s supposed drama for nicole richie who is ‘crying & freaking out’ about her new baby girl being sick – from what i’ve seen on the surface all is fine – i really do pray everything is ok – hopefully we’ll be getting a look at little harlow winter soon! (just today there were pictures released of christina aguilera and her new baby max liron) popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!

PS there’s an update to this story – it’s official – kirstie alley is no longer working for jenny craig!

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  • lis

    I’m really sorry for Farrah. :( Cancer is soo evil. I’ve lost too many people to cancer.
    The circus really hates Nicole don’t they? It’s kind of sad. If you believe everything said about her… she hasn’t eaten a thing in four or five years, hates Joel from the moment she met him, miscarried two or three times during her pregnancy which resulted in a baby girl she hates and has major problems. That is SO CRUEL.

  • celeb-addict

    She’s not fat, she curvy, or maybe her skeleton is just too small for her body!

  • gary

    You’d think that with all that money she donates to $cientology they could at least get her a little thinner. Perhaps they could check her into the same hotel they stuck Lisa McPherson (google)…that worked.

  • Joe

    can’t Xenu take away the blubber?

  • Heather

    I agree that cancer is awful, but saying that cancer is unstoppable once it starts to spread is exactly what makes cancer patients everywhere feel like they can’t talk about what’s going on, because it makes people feel uncomfortable. You have them dead in the ground before they even start fighting. There is such a stigma attached to cancer that stops people from being honest with each other when it comes to living with and after cancer. Not everyone with cancer dies, and the last thing people who are living with or battling cancer need is another person who feels sorry for them or misunderstands what they’re going through.

  • Oink Alley

    Kirstie Alley has always been a pig on the inside. The outside has finally, irreparably, caught up with her.

  • oakling

    It’s true – cancer is very scary but people are getting so much better at approaching it that last year they announced that they now see breast cancer as just a disease that you live with for a while, like an injury, instead of a death sentence.

  • Marsha

    Let Kirstie know, it’s ok. It may not be healthy to go up, and down, weight wise, but she looks great. Since I turned 45, a while back, my weight has been going everywhere. I can eat healthy meals all day, everyday. And I exercise everyday. I also walk everyday. I finally got to a point where I said the heck with this, and I lost the weight. I sold my car last year, so I have to walk to the store, which is only two blocks away. Kirstie, it’s only what you think of you that counts!

  • mia

    Am I confused or is this magazine comparing a 50+ Kim Cattrall who looks fine to under 35 ladies such as Elle McPherson????

  • tony

    I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get a hold of Kirstie Alley, I have a great weight loss and weight management system online and would love to get her on it and to become a spokesperson for – Can anyone help please?

  • justin t grafton

    she looks so good no wonder she is fat

  • ginger

    Kirstie, What you did was right…You followed Jenny Craig’s diet and lost the weight. Yet, unless you keep BUYING their foods and BUYING their support you go back to where you are. They are all about making money off of people who are already suffering. Thank you for exposing yet another “We’re here to help you…AS LONG AS WE MAKE A BIG PROFIT” organization…I applaud you Kirstie, as you have exposed yet another company that will do ANYTHING TO MAKE MONEY REGARDLESS OF HOW THE HUMAN BEINGS THEY ARE “HELPING” ARE REALLY DOING!

  • John Austin

    Fired for being too fat, that sounds like grounds for a discrimination law suit.