Kim Kardashian is done dating football players?

Kim Kardashian is done dating football players?
February 6, 2012 JEREMY FEIST
Kim Kardashian

In case you needed any further proof that Kim Kardashian is a lying whorebeast, aside from anything and everything she’s ever done ever, here’s the most damning piece of evidence you can think of: after rumors circulated that she was dating football star Mark Sanchez, Kim claimed that she would never date another football player ever again, which I think means she’s banging one as I type this. And chances are she’ll be banging a different one by the time you read this. TMZ reports:

In case you haven’t heard — there were reports Kim and Mark were seeing each other on the DL whenever she was in New York. There were other rumors Kim came on to Tim Tebow because of his old-fashioned values. But we’re told … it’s all BS. Sources close to Kim tell us, her break-up with Bush in 2010 was so rough … she has lost her taste for NFL players entirely — and has no plans to play the field in the near future.

Of course Kim will date another football player. Are you kidding me? Most of them fit every criteria Kim looks for in a man, such as:

  1. They’re famous
  2. They’re rich
  3. They can be duped into a fake marriage for money and attention
  4. They have big penises capable of peeing


Kim Kardashian