Kim Kardashian called Khloe a troll!

Kim Kardashian called Khloe a troll!
December 5, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Much like the minotaur she actually is, you should never try and waken a sleeping Kim Kardashian, otherwise she will chase you through her labyrinth and gore you on her horns. Why did I use a random monster reference to describe Kim? Well, first off because Kim is, in fact, a monster, and also because Kim ended up freaking out on Khloé Kardashian, after she woke her up early, by calling her a troll, even though Kim looks like something that would require you to answer her riddles three before you cross her bridge. The Huffington Post reports:

All the help in the world, however, couldn’t make up for Khloé’s cardinal sin: waking Kim up early (it was her one f*cking day to sleep in!). That earned a massive freakout from the middle sister, as well as a pointed, hurtful email calling Khloé a troll. It doesn’t get much better, either; while Kris decides to come to New York (for a little while, anyway), the sister fight still rages (on TV, of course, since none of this is actual reality).

Sure, I can see the producers playing this up for ratings, but does anyone think that Kim wouldn’t freak the shit out and call her own sister a troll just because she woke her up early? This is Kim we’re talking about. She can’t even check off the “organ donor” box on her driver’s license because she already pawned off her heart for $20. “Pfft, like I’ll ever need one of these. It’s like a pancreas! Or a brain!” she probably said before the producers from E! stored it in a formaldehyde jar in Ryan Seacrest‘s closet.

Kim and Khloé Kardashian