Kim Kardashian wants to be Sarah Jessica Parker?

Kim Kardashian wants to be Sarah Jessica Parker?
September 23, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian

For the past few months, Kim Kardashian has been trying to convince the world that she’s not a no-talent, useless famewhore by … being a no-talent, useless famewhore. I don’t think she thought this one through as well as she thinks she did. Anyway, Kim is really gunning for a glamorous image, and has decided to do so by turning inward and becoming a more generous, humble human being. HA HA HA! No, I’m just f**king with you. No, she’s just turning herself into Sarah Jessica Parker now. Via Naughty But Nice Rob

“Kim wants to be seen as sophisticated, as high-end fashion, not the girl who made a sex tape and is famous for being famous,” one publicist tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “She is trying to buy her reinvention by employing SJP’s team.”

“Sarah thinks the whole thing is flattering but a little creepy,” adds one insider. “If Kim wants to become Sarah, her advice would be to go to acting classes. Learn a craft and become admired for the work you do, not just the way you look.”

Well, Sarah just nailed it right on the head: Kim is more obsessed with being famous than she is with actually doing something to earning it. Look, there’s nothing inherently wrong with fame, as long as it’s used as a sort of barometer for how hard you worked and how skilled you are. But blindly stumbling towards fame for the sake of fame just makes you an asshole. The problem is right there in the first line: Kim wants to be seen as sophisticated. She doesn’t want to be sophisticated. She just wants to be seen as such. And that’s terrible.

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