Kim Kardashian wants another baby already?

Kim Kardashian wants another baby already?
August 16, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian somehow managed to turn a baby into almost a year’s worth of publicity, all while claiming that she was a new person who would never dare use her baby for cheap attention (this is what is known in the famewhore world as “having your cake and pimping it out too”.) So naturally, Kim’s already planning on another baby which she can love and cherish and use to score a People magazine cover. RadarOnline reports …

“Kim’s a planner and she has always had a timeline in her head. Even before Kanye came into the picture she wanted kids while she’s young.” Kim gained approximately 60 pounds while pregnant with her daughter and she’s struggling to shed the weight since giving birth. A source told the magazine that she is hoping to get pregnant again before she loses all the weight.

Well that last part makes sense. Kim spent a pretty good portion of her pregnancy wearing unflattering outfits for the sake of scoring a Weight Watchers deal, so why not try doing the exact same thing again? It’s not like you’ll get the exact same results as the last time, and it’s a lot easier to get paid to have someone help you lose weight than it is for you to do it on your own for free. What kind of world would we live in if we underwent personal betterment for the sake of our own well-being rather than money and fame? That’s commie talk.

Jeremy Feist is an (ahem) entertainer from Toronto, Canada. He writes, acts, and performs on stage, and has been a writer for Popbytes for almost three years now. He lives in Toronto with his boyfriend, his incredibly dumb but cute puppy, and his immortal cat.