Kim Kardashian is buying all her own Vogue magazine covers

Kim Kardashian is buying all her own Vogue magazine covers
April 23, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West / Vogue Magazine

When Kim Kardashian got the cover of Vogue (because of Kanye West, let’s be honest) everyone kind of assumed that the issue would bomb because no fashion-savvy person would ever buy anything with Kim on it. Except it turns out the magazine sold decently well, and a big reason for it is that Kim is apparently buying stacks of them for herself. TMZ reports …

Kim Kardashian cannot get enough of herself … hitting up a newsstand on Tuesday to buy up every issue of her Vogue magazine cover she could get her mitts on … but why did she wait three weeks after the magazine hit shelves? The video might answer the question … as she and Kendall Jenner go rifling through the magazine racks, a camera crew (most likely from her reality show) is tracking their every move. So maybe it was just a cool moment — Kim celebrating a historic career achievement.

We could interpret it as Kim celebrating something she’s earned after a long career, but that would be assuming that she earned it. She didn’t. Kanye got it for her. The most likely story here is that Kim is like one of those parrots who sees herself in the mirror and then slams its beak into it, trying to free the pretty bird trapped on the other side of the glass. “Oh my God, look at that pretty woman on the paper. Come play with me! *Peck peck peck* Why won’t you let me save you?”

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