Kim Kardashian had Joan Rivers moved away from her

Kim Kardashian had Joan Rivers moved away from her
May 16, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Joan Rivers

There are a lot of celbs who dislike funny lady Joan Rivers because she routinely reads them to filth. There are a lot of celebs (and people in general) who hate Kim Kardashian because she’s a selfish, vapid douche who gained millions of unearned dollars without ever working a day in her life. So naturally, Joan and Kim hate each other too, and Kim had Joan moved away from her during the NBC upfronts, because we live in a world where Kim has that sort of sway. It’s not a perfect world.

“Kim and Khloe both don’t want drama and can’t fake it anymore with Joan, so they asked the staff to keep them separate,” the source told Us. Easier said than done. “Apparently it was a hard task because two other people have issues with her and also asked to be seated away from her,” the source said. “It was a juggling act keeping Joan away from everyone!” SOURCE

Really queen? You’re going to get bent out of shape because an insult comedian made fun of you for all the oh-so insultable sh!t that you’ve done. Jeebus, if you want to move away from everyone who hates you, you may want to consider moving out of Hollywood. To the moon. Preferably to the dark side of the moon, because chances are we’d still be able to see your enormous ass and we’d still make fun of you for it.

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