Kim Kardashian’s CR Fashion Book shoot: Now w/ video

Kim Kardashian’s CR Fashion Book shoot: Now w/ video
September 10, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kim Kardashian

Last week, CR Fashion Book (curated by Carine Roitfeld) premiered a photo shoot featuring a then-pregnant Kim Kardashian, and the web responded with either scorn or complete disinterest. Turns out, even the likes of fashion mavens Karl Lagerfeld and Riccardo Tisci can’t erase the layer of trash that clings to everything she does. Well, now the shoot has an accompanying video, and oh gawd she looks even worse in motion. It’s like that saying about putting lipstick on a pig, and then smearing it all over her lips for no discernible reason, and then throwing your arms in the air and going “F**K IT! JUST COVER HER HEAD IN RHINESTONES! I DON’T EVEN GIVE A SH!T ANYMORE!”

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