kevin’s affair & lindsay’s overdose on STAR

kevin’s affair & lindsay’s overdose on STAR
November 28, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok if britney spears keeps up her pussy flashing antics with paris hilton – maybe kevin federline will turn out to be the good guy in all of this…now that would be the ultimate 180!

below is the latest cover of STAR magazine which delves into kevin’s supposed affair with that big busted gal towards the bottom…apparently all taking place before the split! (read more about the rumored affair) i still bet (and know) this will be one of the messiest divorces that we’ve seen but hopefully someone can knock some sense into ms. spears before she fucks it all up! (oh my gosh now her left tit is making a run for it!) seriously – i had like three girls tell me today that they wanted to send some panties to britney! maybe someone should take up a collection and we can send her a bunch of undies to choose from! shit she can put a piece of gauze over her cooch for all i care – just cover it up!

in other news we’ve got drama queen lindsay lohan overdosing and meg ryan‘s fugly new face plus there’s still some concern over kate bosworth‘s skinniness – can you hear us kate?!? she needs to take up with nicole richie who finally seems to be in a weight gaining turn around – woo hoo! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS oh say it ain’t so – paris & britney are now planning to co-host the billboard music awards together! why don’t they just go down on each other and get it over with – seriously! ugh this pairing makes me so ill! it’s all going way wrong for ms. spears!