kevin reveals britney’s darkest secrets!

kevin reveals britney’s darkest secrets!
December 13, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning kids! oh yes it’s that time of the week again…below is the very latest cover of STAR magazine which reveals kevin federline‘s plan to write a tell-all book about his soon to be ex-wife britney spears where he’ll expose her ‘darkest secrets’! oh my word – kevin writing a book? ha! of course he’d have to have a ghostwriter on board! this all looks like it’s coming to shoving rather than pushing – this is going to get nasty yo – watch out britney!

drinking while pregnant & bisexuality? i’d hope for her sake she has darker secrets than that…the part that bothers me the most is how he apparently wants to drug test little jayden james! it’s like leave the kids out of it…kevin is like a caged rat desperately trying to hold onto what he might describe when he’s old & gray as his glory days! (yes grandpa made an album back in the day) i know britney has been a bit of a mess as of late but she certainly doesn’t need this asshole trying to sabotage her! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!