ke$ha knows how to pick up guys!

ke$ha knows how to pick up guys!
July 27, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Pop quiz, readers; You spot a hot guy (for all intents and purposes, you’re attracted to guys in this scenario. My apologies to the lady lovers) at the bar and you want to catch his eye. Do you:

A) Buy him a drink, ask him his name

B) Crack a joke and introduce yourself

C) Blare Led Zeppelin at him and then spank his ass.

If you answered C, congratulations! You’re just like Ke$ha.

On her perversions:

“I wouldn’t say I’m aggressive, but I’m a pervert. I have a gold Trans Am and my favorite thing to do in the world is to drive around blasting Zeppelin or Sabbath, cat calling dudes. It doesn’t work, but it’s fun.”

On her pick-up methods in bars:

“I usually do something ridiculous like send him over a shot of whiskey and then spank him. Something like that.” SOURCE

Yeah, just a quick word of warning here, but if you ever spank my ass without my consent, I will punch you in the taint. Hard. Until you pass out. It’s a little thing called “respect” people. You want to play grab ass? Buy me an Amaretto Sour, bitches. That’s my shit.