Kelly Clarkson is pregnant! Yay!

Kelly Clarkson is pregnant! Yay!
November 20, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kelly Clarkson

In case you missed Alex Nagorski‘s review of Kelly Clarkson‘s holiday album Wrapped In Red, we really, really, really like Kelly. Like, a lot. She’s just one of those celebrities who happens to be super talented, really nice, and doesn’t resort to cheap publicity stunts to gild the lily. Anyway, for the past little while she’s been talking about how she wants to be pregnant for Christmas with her new hubby Brandon Blackstock‘s baby, and in a post to Twitter, it looks like her efforts finally came through.

Good for her! Although no fair she gets her Christmas present early, and I still have to wait a month for Santa to bring me a sewing machine! And he better bring a friggin’ sewing machine. I did not spend the year not getting fall-down drunk in public to get screwed out of what’s mine by a rotund Yuletide elf. But seriously, congrats to Kelly!

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