Katy Perry’s Going To Try Acting Again

Katy Perry’s Going To Try Acting Again
January 6, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Alright, so as previously shown, Katy Perry isn’t really much of an actress. To be fair, she can make a decent pop song and she has big magical, titties so that’s a pretty fair trade-off, right? Right. Regardless of this fact, it looks like Katy Perry is gonna try her hand at actressin’ again in an upcoming guest spot on How I Met Your Mother, the only show in the world that has ever taken six seasons to tell a story that could have taken five minutes.

The newlywed “Firework” singer, 26, will play the role of Honey, a cousin of Zoey’s (Jennifer Morrison), who joins the cast as a potential love interest for Josh Radnor’s character Ted.

“Katy is a tremendous talent and we are delighted to be able to work with her,” HIMYM’s co-creator and executive producer Carter Bays tells UsMagazine.com in a statement. SOURCE

So chances are, this is going to be another episode where Ted falls hopelessly in love with a girl after all of five seconds, Lily and Marshall do something goofy and adorable, Robin acts like the voice of reason and Barney tries to motorboat Katy Perry. I love this show and all, but would it kill you to change your name to something more accurate, like How My Friends and I Fucked About New York City for Six Years Before I Met Your Mother?